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Blessings! My name is Linda Merkel and I was born with the gift of being a psychic medium and healer. My gifts were inherited from my mother, both of my grandmothers, and several of my aunts. I call myself the third generation psychic medium of my family.

As a child, being psychic was simply a part of my everyday existence. It was not apparent to me that there was any other way to be. In fact, as a child, I recall disappearing into the field and plopping myself down amidst the long hay and just lying there, talking to loved ones on the other side. How, as a small child, I knew to do this as a way to reenergize my soul and connect with the other side, I will never know. It is just something I always did and, to this day, one of my favorite things is to go lie down in the field, close my eyes, and allow the brilliance and warmth of the sun to soothe my soul while I talk to my deceased loved ones.

Entering adulthood brought with it several tragedies, tragedies that would enhance the strength of my psychic gift, along with my faith in God. I became more acutely aware of His presence in my daily life while I was maneuvering through difficult life experiences. The more I prayed, the more my faith grew and the more psychic I became. As I would sputter out truths from the middle of nowhere to family members and friends, and do it with great accuracy, I realized my psychic gift helped to soothe people's souls. I had the ability to provide a link from our deceased loved ones on the other side to their family members still here on Earth. The astonishment on the faces of the people I touched with my messages said it all. I had a gift, a gift that I had to share with others. I honed this gift as I practiced it more and more which has resulted in my giving professional readings for over fifteen years.

I believe my gift has come directly from the faith I have in Our Almighty Creator. It is through my strong belief that I have devoted my talents to assisting and spiritually counseling people in need. The insight and advice that I have provided to my clients has reached around the globe, including Egypt, Japan, Singapore, Germany, England, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries.

My intention in delivering spiritual messages is not only to connect with the other side, but to empathically provide psychic, intuitive advice on life choices, and to assist in solutions to everyday life problems.

I consider myself in the business of healing hearts. My psychic gift has given me back a gift that unparallels any other. To spiritually assist in the healing of another human being is the greatest reward of all.

I believe if you have found my website, it is not by accident. You have found me because it is meant to be. If you feel a deep conviction and faith in your heart that I might be the one to assist you, then please read on. If for any reason at all you are hesitant, then I suggest you contact me when you feel the time is right for you. I treat my gift of intuitive knowledge and counseling very seriously. My intentions to help humanity come only from the highest good, that I might bring some inner peace and love to all of you whose lives I touch.

It is also important to me to help you understand that our deaths are not the end. Again, through our faith, life is eternal. The quotation by Amos Traver, "Death is not a period, but a comma in the story of life." It is truly what I believe and hopefully I will be able to validate that as a fact for you, my dear readers.


Linda Merkel

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