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Linda is a truly gifted medium and psychic. She was able to describe what was going on in my life and the people around me with so much accuracy. Linda also connected with my grandfather and several other family members who have crossed over. She gave me the answers I had been searching for. Sometimes you will see a testimonial and say, "Yeah, right!" Well, this is the real "Yeah, right!" I am so impressed and grateful to have had a reading with Linda. She makes you feel as if she has known you forever and her soul is very beautiful. Please don't miss the opportunity to experience what I had with her reading.
~ Laura Moore, Psychic Medium

Dear Linda,
My mother came to see you and what you did not know was that my sister was waiting in the car. You kept insisting that my sister was pregnant and my mother kept on telling you that no one in the family was pregnant. You just kept saying over and over that she was indeed pregnant and that the baby would be a boy. My sister was pregnant but did not even know it. She was just 3-4 weeks along. It would not be another 3-4 weeks from then that she herself would find out. She gave birth in November 2002 to a healthy baby boy, just like you said. When she was pregnant, the first thing we all said was that you had predicted it.
Thanks Again,
- Tina M., from MA

I have been to see Linda whenever I can get up to that part of the east coast. The thing that made me really believe in Linda's gift was how important it was for her to communicate with me and reunite me with my father. I carry that with me everyday. She also told me I would be performing in something other than my band, that I would be on stage and that it was a sideline from what I do now. I didn't believe her until I was handed a lead role to play Janis Joplin. I cherish Linda, her gift and what she gives me as a friend. She is the only medium I know that says what I would actually say if I was fearful of people believing me or not, "I don't care if you don't believe, then don't come!" That, to me, says it all. All I know now is that when I die I'm going to Linda!!!
- Katrina Chester from the band Luxx

Dear Linda, I cannot express how amazed I was and still am with the reading I received from you today. I certainly did want to ask you more questions but I was 'shocked' and I guess speechless after hearing your responses. You truly are gifted and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking information and/or help.
- Lori P.

Linda, I want to thank you for everything this past Monday. You've made my faith with God even stronger. Knowing that my son is in good hands will make my remaining years within this world so much easier. You're so genuine and I'm blessed to have met you.
- Bob from MA

'If you have questions...Linda Merkel has answers.' Linda has a true gift, one that enables her to converse with others that have passed, and spirit guides that help instill words of wisdom to her (and us through her). When I had my reading done by Linda, she shared with me things no one else could have known (except for the person I loved and who is no longer living). I wish for you the same powerful reading that I was blessed to receive.
- Dolores from CT

Dear Linda, I can't thank you enough for helping me to reconnect with my lost grandmother of almost 15 years. You are a true gift, full of love and caring, with an incredible ability that most would find astonishing. I couldn't get over the details you gave me about my grandmother. Little things, like information about her dog, clothes, attitudes and hobbies. It was one of the most phenomenal experiences I have ever had. There are really no words to express how much this encounter meant to me. As well, you have helped me so much with my illness. All of your suggestions have truly helped.
- Christine from MA

Dear Linda, After having some pretty bad readings, I was needless to say, a bit skeptical of Linda's abilities. But what I am about to say is enough proof for me that she is for real. I lost my fiancee to cancer 13 years ago. He was my true love. Before he died, I gave him my class ring to wear. Because he had lost so much weight, he wasn't able to wear it. When he passed on, I wanted him to be buried with it on his finger. About a half hour into the reading, Linda asked me, "So, tell me about the class ring." I gasped! I wasn't even thinking of the ring, nor was I thinking about receiving a validation! I couldn't believe that she had said that. It was my undeniable proof that he is still around me and knowing him as I did, he wouldn't have given her anything less shocking! I am truly grateful to Linda for that. I miss my fiancee every day of my life, but now I KNOW that someday I will be with him again.
- C. Thomason, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for a great time yesterday! My friends and family think you are simply, fabulous! A few comments about our party to share with you: Everyone thinks you're the bomb (the best)!!!
  • She's great at what she does,
  • She knew things that no one could know
  • She was specific
  • She used specific names
  • She validated my thoughts/feelings
  • She described me to a 'T'
  • She looked nothing like I pictured her - (meaning you're an average, real person & not an earthy, crunchy, hocus pocus gypsy) ! LOL
  • And everyone wants to come back!
Love & Peace to you, my friend
- Shellie from CT.

My husband, myself and our son have known and loved Linda for many years. To say that she has had a profound effect on each one of our lives would be an understatement. Recently my husband suffered a severe life-threatening injury. Linda kept telling our son and me that there would be miracles and that he was going to be okay. She was so right! There were several miracles and now he is on his way to a full recovery.
- Dale from MA

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