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About Your Reading


1. Pray. Pray for what you need in a reading. Prayers are always answered.

2. Expect nothing. This way you will not close off your mind to receiving the messages that come through me. Set no expectation of what you will hear. Be open to the blessings that come through.

3. Don't tell me any personal information. I need to 'hear' what I 'hear' from within me. You may speak to me when the reading is done.

4. Do validate what I say. If you do not understand the message, set it aside. Sometimes messages are not validated until after the reading.

5. Write down questions. I always make time for questions.

6. I am a firm believer in the power behind the numbers in birthdates. I might ask you for your birthdate only to use as a tool to meditate on. I want to make it clear that this is in no way related to astrology. It is simply the 'tool' I use. It began over 20 years ago when deceased loved ones would come through to say 'Happy Birthday' or to remind someone here of their death date, or anniversary date.


1. Through clairaudience, I am able to hear sounds, including the voices of spirits.

2. Through clairvoyance. I see pictures, sometimes in full video reception and other times like still pictures.

3. Through clairsentience. I feel or sense spiritual messages, emotions, feelings of deceased.

4. Through clairalience I smell things (like tobacco, perfume, flowers).

5. Through clairambience I sometimes taste things (like favorite foods).

6. Through claircognizance. This one is the biggest for me - it is a knowing. I just know things to be true.


My intention is to always treat my psychic mediumship with respect and to use it with the highest of intentions. I desire to leave my clients with an inner peace and resolve knowing that through love it has been possible for you to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over.

I like to say I am in the business of healing hearts. That is my mission.

Sierra, always filled with
unconditional love.

Disclaimer Information: Linda of PsychicReadingsByMedium.com disclaims all liability in regards to the advice given to her clientele. Her services are in no way intended to be used as a substitution for physical, mental, or psychological therapy or assistance from a physician. Linda in no way claims to be a professional or licensed medical doctor or certified therapist. If you are experiencing mental or physical pain, which may be a warning sign to seek out a physician or medical doctor, Linda recommends you do so immediately. She acknowledges her services are not a replacement for a medical or psychological doctor. Please be aware that Linda has no control over who may or may not come through during a reading and therefore gives no guarantee of who might come through. If the reading you seek is psychic in nature, please be aware that accepting to participate in such a reading indicates you also agree to be open to whoever may come through with a message. Thank you and may you always be aware of the blessings from our Almighty Creator.